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2004-10-10 - 1:11 a.m.

pawn to king

fantastic. utterly fantastic the ebb and flow of life. i type this in a bed never slept on before, under a virgin comforter, enclosed in four walls that make my eyes virgin again. i have arrived in manhattan. after a being given a big raise at work and packing like a mad woman(mostly clothes and japanese toy robots that look like grafittied bear-mice) i have finally come to a place that looks like a launching pad could look. it is not beijing. and it is not suburbia. it is late night strolls through brooklyn with madagascar parties on the waterfront. it is trams to roosevelt island where no spidey need save me. it is three extra hours of non-commute time i get to fill with anything. it is losing time. and space(my room is 9x7), but it is a launching pad. from here i will gracefully swell into the advertising cults. from here i will return to yoga. from here i will make a sacred place for love. from here i will look at my life so far and not be heavy and sad. but be joyous and self-respecting.

sometimes, robert, it just takes laying your head down in a different place.

dear great chess player in the sky, thank you for putting the right pieces in the right places.

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