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2002-12-16 - 1:56 p.m.

i used to live on the top floor of a big house inhabited by a band called prozac. i was 19. the only stability i had at the time was varsity rowing, road trips with julia and telly, and dustin. he was 25. i worshipped him. he loved my brain. he played guitar. he kept beer in a mini fridge in his room. i remember him saying to me one night on the front steps, one day, maybe even ten years from now, you and i are going to have so much to tell each other. it's been exactly ten.

this house incubated a certain death for me. i was tortured with my own thoughts and isolated angst. a brooding love was far away in portland, battling demons with bibles and barbed wire crowns. i used to come home to my christmas lit room and play dead can dance, this mortal coil, cocteau twins. heaven or las vegas became the soundtrack to my paralysis. i wrote pages and pages of journal entries, actual books, that felt like a list of incoherent pleas. at work last night, playing that same cd for the first time in ages, i felt exactly the same. it is how i feel right this second. am i dying.

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