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2004-01-15 - 7:30 p.m.

1. Intro-Luke Vibert & B.J.Cole
2. Closed Captioned-Fugazi
3. Break Me Gently- Doves
4. Abegail Anne-Jeremy Enigk
5. Welcome To The Afterfuture-Mike Ladd
6. The Man Who Told Everything-Doves
7. The Kill-Fugazi
8. Mary Magdalene-Me'Shell Ndegeocello
9. Glow-Unkle
10. Gene By Gene-Blur
11. The Shining-Badly Drawn Boy
12. My Poor Soul-Tricky
13. In a Beautiful Place-Boards of Canada
14. Full of Stars-Turin Brakes
15. One Very Important Thought-Boards of Canada

feeling armies of electrons. feeling surface buzz and strong pulse. listening to my latest mix and getting a hard-on. wanting to lay my head down right there. wanting you to return home while this is still playing and come down on the floor and curl up next to me. i will tell you everything in a sigh. and we wont grieve for lost time because now is the only eternity.

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