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2004-10-19 - 9:59 p.m.

things have been ok. and a little lore than ok. saturday night was a burning man party thrown by a group called disorient. jesse had this duplex about 8 blocks away from my apartment. dj's set up on the roof and played the silliest 2-atep/house/breaks. it was so what the doctor ordered. i danced until 4:30 am ans left at 6.

i ran along the east river in the morning past the manhattan bridge where all the chinese people stretch and do tai chi. it's awesome. i stretch with them. well, not with them, on the way back, there is a sign under the williamsburg bridge that says NO WAKE. it's on the NY side. so i guess it's no sleep til brooklyn but no wake til NY. believe me, i know.

the sun is just breaking over the horizon as i near the bridge at this part so there is a shadow cast through the barred fence that drags stripes perfectly across the pavement and all i can think of is how i'm going to decorate my new room. big fat circus stripes.

oh, new york. you're all that.

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