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2003-01-09 - 8:24 a.m.

hey kj, if our hearts are our walkie-talkies, why do we use up so many cel phone minutes on each other.

cosmic and i have been living a life we've needed to for some time. we decide our adventure and roll into it with leveity and persistence. yesterday was hilarious. we downloaded free passes to macworld because you have to use technology over money when it comes to macworld. we sparkled the insides of our irises and we headed into the geek lust world of a tech convention. two words. LIBIDO BATH. all these men, yes unfortunately mostly men still, spending way more time with their keybords and right hands than with women's bodies. it was fucking hot. cosmic and i are not tiny girls. we are the curvy roads that your hot rods want to drive on. we are lara crofts and marilyn monroes. i am usually pretty unaware of someone's focus or lack of focus on me. but yesterday, i could have fucked the air. and cosmic was. i could see it in her eyes. she got hit on in the north hall software section by a (we think) 19 year old who told us we were too beautiful to be on the ugly side and needed to head over to the beautiful people in music and multimedia. he was too funny. and smart. but too persistent with her. in reality, i am the biggest nerd of all. i know it's hip to say that in sf. it implies you are smart and tech savvy and that you prioritize ones and zeroes over style. it's a way of owning your loser insecurities from childhood. geek chic. blech. i am really a nerd because i am retarded. i wear my pants backwards sometimes and i never shower. so there.

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