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2004-01-19 - 12:38 a.m.

last night i went to a japanese-style bar behind a gate on a frozen lake in ritan park. it was a tiny japanese house. the downstairs was just one main room plus the bar. maybe only 200sq ft. and the upstairs was just a small cozy room with couches. and the lights were all red. and the snow was lightly but relentlessly falling down. and the music was the right decibel. and i danced on a table at one point.
but only because it felt good.

finding little secrets like that everywhere. this place was magic. and a profound cocktail buzz gave me an inflated sense of well-being. and the hash high made the snowfall audible. and from outside of the bar i watched my friends' rolling chatter steam up the windows as i squatted to yellow graffiti the white ground beneath me.

i love the sound of muted laughter.

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