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2003-12-02 - 6:11 p.m.

yuck. i had a date with the chinese guy i practically molested at the party where i had been drinking way too much tequila. we had an amazing dinner and as we left the restaurant he kissed me and grabbed my hand. not what i wanted. he tasted so wrong. so bad. and we went to a bar that i love called cloud 9. more like cloud 2. and we had a private booth and he could not keep his hands off me. uh yucky date, please send memo to ted. and i let him kiss me until i really felt sick. why did i even let it get as far as kissing. it was disgusting. even more disgusting, i wanted to be sure and have this date before ted got back. i wanted to have a secret. one that i could tell him somehow. the only thing i know to be true, is the more free time i have, the more airtime yucky people get. but i don't really have a job. and i live in a cheap country. FREE TIME. which is fantastic in almost all ways except the one way that asks me to move on to higher ground.

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