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2003-02-07 - 1:26 p.m.

i told him the perfect ending to the perfect day would be a motorcycle ride around the city. and we didn't have far to go but he walked up to two moto taxis and said...my lady...and we rode around the city under christmas light arches and haphazard rope light. we went to the foot massage place where $3.60 gets a foot soak and rub and a full body massage with tea and friut. did i die and go to heaven. maybe we keep dying and this is all heaven. and sifu picked me up yesterday to go to baomo gardens. 100,000 square meters of pools, fountains, bridges, and caligraphy museums. i could have spent the whole day. and people were taking pictures of me with their families and treating me like a movie star. annie and kyoto were my partners in crime and we practiced our tri-lingual communication.

hairwashing places for $2.00 with full body massage. foot massage places for $3.00 with full body massage. gong fu practive begins tomorrow night. maybe i'll stay in foshan i bit longer. i've got some rockin'to do.


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