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2004-01-28 - 6:18 p.m.

i guess i should have expected it, but i'm so so sensitive. in my tribe, technology is religion, every time i pose simple questions to generate discussion, this asshole makes it about me. for example, i wrote technology: master or servant? very basic, right? could go in a million directions whether you are just getting turned on by the idea or you have been reading about this shit for years. i thought it would just be a pebble thrown in the water. and i didn't create this tribe to self-promote. quite the opposite. i know some brilliant people who have a lot to teach me. so this asshole writes, why does it have to be a stratified relationship? perhaps that says more about how you see relationships than it imparts any signifigant new insight into the way humans use technology, no? uh, no. but thanks for making me feel like an idiot. even though i know i don't look like one, everyone gets to read this. i responded diplomatically but firm. basically telling him, instead of looking for buttons to push, why don't you contribute something. anyone can be a critic. i'm not really worried about how i look. i am NOT afraid of what i don't know. that is the fucking point of this tribe. i understand that is what happens when you put yourself out there- speaking opinions publicly, but i'm not thick-skinned enough, nor am i centered enough. i know it's worth it but this guy and the exposure is giving me a knot in my stomach. uuuggghh.

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