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2003-11-22 - 3:39 a.m.

jesus, god. you are such a strange bitch. i'm giving my heart full airtime. i love the boy. i am in love with the boy. i want to fuck the boy. i worship the boy. i adore the boy.

he came to join me at a party tonight. by the time he arrived, i was drinking tequila and being hit on relentlessly by two chinese men, it was an intense power struggle. he and i both felt the men at work. and because i had to, i dragged wang qiao into the bedroom where the corner of the room was all glass, 25 stories high. my first chinese encounter. so hot. so surreal. so hidden from the boy. so obvious to him. and then we left. four of us. not the men. our regular bar again. and i was slightly drunk and pissed off, if they all want me so bad, why don't you!and i was tired so he and i started to walk home. and i almost broke down. and i told him everything i told you. and he stopped me. and honored me. and loved me. and i was angry and it was ok. and i revealed myself, and he loved me more. and i texed him that i love him and he did too. so we know. and he knows all of it. and we love each other.

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