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2004-04-06 - 12:33 a.m.

walk tall. walk tall. ok. so my brain is churning a million miles per hour, as usual. i once was administered excessive doses of lithium after an experiment on my brainwaves seemed to indicate an overactive rate of alpha. no kidding. and the lithium quantity made my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth mid sentence. like mouth-brain synapse in peanut butter. so in between slaying dragons and breaking hearts, lets just say i've been way down. but i'm up. and i am home sick and making music. and laying the groundwork for the next big move. london. milan. london. milan. i am so ready to spend this next year tying a beautiful red flowing ribbon around what i have come to know as modern china. a year to follow through with language. a year to solidify relationships. a year to find a good door to the next world. i feel really good about this. london. london. london. maybe if i yell it to the universe.

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