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2002-12-07 - 1:52 p.m.

why must i walk past two posters faded out by sun with an image of an open mouth and a chunk of meat going in. it says "ah, beef...beef on a budget." what the hell is that about. even if i weren't a vegetarian, living around the corner from a mom and pop butcher shop does not make me warm and fuzzy inside. i hold my breath when i walk by and yet am compelled to always look. i mean ah beef? it seems like ah would be followed by coca-cola or baby. ah, baby. sex on a budget. wow. i must say i have been a little amped lately in the sex arena. i had a dream about LFO this morning. he worked in a studio that was the bottom floor of kj's uncle's place. i went down to see him and we could not stop standing near each other. just for electric charge. and i woke up covered with that charge. i'm drunk on libido liquer and my supply is unlimited. poker? i don't even know her. i'll see that sex machine and i'll raise you one.

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