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2003-12-24 - 10:27 a.m.

it has been 36 hours of bliss since she arrived. i forgot how clinically insane i am. and how it takes family to access that. we have been laughing non-stop. we are hitting on every embassy guard we pass. remember, these are teenage boys who dress like they raided their father's winter closets and then got attacked by russian furriers. we have not flashed anyone yet. i have taken her to artifacts and tiananmen square. we waited at 6am for the sun to rise to see the changing of the guards and the flag raise. we were the only non-asian people there. many migrant workers and chinese tourists. mostly arriving at 7am. so fucking freezing, we kept dancing and laughing from cold and delerium which led to being the object of everyone's focus. b learned how to say "i don't want" after being accosted by sellers of little mao trinkets that i secretly desired. they are all about mao. you knew that, right? so "i don't want" is "bu yao" and we kept singing a song that became the booyah song. plus, my faux fur hood was zipped up so i looked just like south park's kenny. it kept getting funnier as the sky turned indigo, then cornflower, then dusty, then, dare i say, sky blue. the land of the rising sun. yes mao, yes solar.

my cup it runneth over.

we went to sanlitun to celebrate oliver's birthday and got very drunk. a beautiful...fucking beautiful boy walked in and i couldn't keep myself away from him. i took him into the alleys and we jousted lip-tongue pierces. so lovely. so precious in my hands. so kind. so fucking hot. and we went back into the bar and i felt like a pirate dragging booty as all our friends were grinning but immediately returning their focus to their clinking glasses and celebration. a very good time has been had by all.

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