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2002-11-13 - 10:20 a.m.

i fell in love with a boy who ran toward the apocalypse,
timebomb ticked in the hallways of our rapture.
god always watched our defiance.
we'd beckon, she'd laugh.
she'd push, we'd revolt.
i left him at ephesus.

i fell in love with a master of tongue.
his words were warm breath and
we danced cerebral ecstasy.
passion pain of pen and flesh,
shakespear noted our courting
and two deranged geniuses began to duel.

i fell in love with a child of the universe.
the yang to my yin,
we were twin stars and tomb raiders.
he was the skin i could climb into,
the reward for my suffering.
he was truth and beauty,
the name that i took.
but raped each other with fear,
and left our carcusses by the side of the road.

i fell in love with a low-frequency output.
we spoke in creation and sound.
we shared eyes and lines,
vibration and time.
we came together and fell apart,
fell together and came apart.
with grace and exquisite precision,
we trembled and crashed
as two waves coliding.

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