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2003-01-11 - 2:18 a.m.

we went to wish bar tonight at the request of cosmic's boy dj j who i spoke of meeting at macworld. f-i-n-e fine. such a little hip hop hottie. and a big guy too. and we got there before him. and he walked in through the early crowd and smiled as he reached us. but he was fucking shy. cosmic hadn't seen him like that. but i was not shy. i was erect and comfortable. he sat next to me and we touched for a second and then he got up to spin. i tried to see what our eye contact was like. but he was avoiding my eyes. we had to leave an hour later so i could get to work. cosmic and i were dancing (again, fuck yes) and we danced up to j. she fell back so i could talk to him. i felt really good. i felt raw and sexy under his gaze. so we smiled and talked for like two seconds auntil i said, "can i objectify you?" and he said yes. and i said "you're fucking beautiful." and he said "i've been thinking about your lips since the day..." and i cut him off with those very lips. next to the dj booth. in front of the whole bar. and here's where it got really good. we got so worked up in that instant that i pushed him back and said "take me somewhere." and we were pressed into the alcove but laughing because it was tacky. and j saw a door behind me and we opened it to like a boiler room with a sink. we were re-enacting 8-mile, yo. and we fucking went nuts. i could not believe how sexy the scene was. i turned around and he pretended to fuck me. he called me dirty. he was so wrong. i faced him to kiss him again and it was like a lucid dream where you realize you are dreaming and begin to alter the dream. well i was. i was laughing and saying all this sexy shit that felt so real. but i felt like i was making it all up. he was too hard to just walk out so he slipped up into the dj booth and no one noticed. then he took my digits. i'm thinkin it is going to get hot in this diary. just you fucking wait. although, i might have to keep that part to myself. ya know, to retain a little class. it's not like i'm the only one who reads this anymore. amen to that.

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