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2002-12-11 - 2:26 p.m.

italia transcribed part two

it should be the kind of want where cell division is obsolete and ache becomes molecular with pulse point injections that beg for the fusion of she. storming in comet shows that fall my body to the pavement. while god couldn't even promise enough guardians to plaster the openings of your vulnerability. and the beauty of it is, it's all worth it. sometimes, when the beats slow down and there's just the funk of bass to carry the weight, i wish i could hold you there in the infinite trust of melody. and in wave formations you would slip into me and ignite what might be called the greater sum. the scenes all merge and lust dictates the vibration as i raise diluted whiskey to my lips and watch the unfold of man and focus. debut as love interest novelties wear quickly and the sad beautiful child will most likely wake up alone.

inflight fantasies of backdives onto majestic pillows. something about getting caugt in the stratus vapor. i pretend i am on my way and neptune awaits my arrival. and i am only one side of us but released to be only i. crop circles peak through passing fancies and i am aboard invisibles with aluminum packets of nourishment. but you knew all this when you implanted fibers of your disheveled desperate exquisite heart into my tea.

i dreamt of you on the runway, fear and thrill tango between sleep, constantly reminding me i am not dead alone. the dream was slow enough to warp my sense of now. the body of blood and wine mere siblings is it the thirsty boys that drink or the breaking girl that spills, when either consumes her. sanity surfs on the finest shreds of discontent in order to cradle in crest form. is it simple enough to say that i miss you. i miss you. i miss being the kiss of your only salvation. lost in respectful erotic delusion turning over for you to feel violated by love's entry. there is turbulence above earth i am caught at the disposal of an italian captain. does any of this work. the men truly loved are my brothers, sloppy bioflavinoid-coated prophecy.

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