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2004-10-15 - 9:12 a.m.

i was very very wrong last night. not only did i make out with someone heavily on the street in public. but this someone was kind of an asshole. an asshole i've known many years. an asshole...who just got married a week and a half ago. i'm the asshole. how little self recpect i must have to just need that kind of attention. i'm sure my sister will have more compassion fro me than i do. granted i was drunk. but come on. it's self indulgent and soulless. and totally disrespectful to the woman. PLUS, if she ever found out it was me(our paths WILL overlap), it will just be messy and stupid.

i tried to run it off this morning. the run was amazing. along the east river. actually seeing car bumpers float by. running under the williamsburg bridge almost down to the brooklyn bridge. it got the alcohol out but the sin may linger long enough to haunt me.

1:00 p.m. same day

listening to the fire theft. they are 3/4 of sunny day real estate. you should really go buy the CD and support this project. not to mention, they are the band my roommate manages. my light at the end of each cycle is my roommate. i tried to leave the house this morning on time, but she and i get sucked into a vortex of hysterics and brilliance. i can't believe what an emotional juxtaposition it all is in that place. the noise and size make me miserable but the girl and the location make me high. maybe i just need something in the middle one day.

there is no freedom in life, without freedom of mind. - the fire theft

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