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2003-03-16 - 11:45 p.m.

you are SO going to forgive me for not updating in a few days. i don't even believe my life is real. check this...

that job, that i was dreaming about...well let me start out by saying i am in a 4-star hotel back in canton. holy shit. why? well, because it's late and the CBA, or chinese basketball association all-star game is over. and why am i in a fancy hotel 2000 m away from beijing after an all-star basketball game where the number one players are like totally my buddies now? BECAUSE I GOT THE JOB! what job, solar, you never told us about the job! I went in to CCTV to apply to be the host/journalist of an english show where they cover issues ALL OVER CHINA. needless to say, they called me that afternoon and i was on an airplane memorizing lines the next night. i so have to go because i AM actually working. but i will fill in the details as soon as i get . home. to beijing that is. AJANI WILLIAMS RULES.

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