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2002-11-30 - 3:47 p.m.

somehow i must learn the frequencies at which i resonate. i left the jewel box and ran three miles along the only road down to the beach. passing the lovechild properties of norman rockwell and thomas kincaid. listening to sparrows and orioles collect material for their castles as the degrees grow smaller with each moon cycle. down i run, impact shattering my knees and shins seeming irrelevant in the scheme of meditation. knowing there is a hot soak available to me. meeting kj and the el's at the bottom. climbing down to the beach front, teal swells of twelve foot pipes curling and crashing before us. picking up seaweed lassos and jellyfish chunks, doing downward dog and 10 minute silence games. could i find true love and live like this. what vibration pulls me back to cities and towers of babel to prove something. must i establish an identity before i am able to throw it back into the sea with the half living sand crabs in bella's palm.

come with me love. come let's disappear. let us be still in the deep dark wood. let us make love to the perfection of ego's dissolve. i will paint and write and make music. i will bring basil in from the garden. i will brush the dog's coat one hundred times. i will kiss your eyelids. i will walk past you as you read and sigh. i will climb on to you at sunrise and raise you to the living with warm wet pure unyielding celebration.

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