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2003-09-26 - 10:42 a.m.

such an emotional night. a great one. went to the hotel utah to see bird sing with mark growden. he is a strange cat but unbelievably earnest about the music he makes. and it's awesome. he plays an accordian and a banjo like nobody's business. except my blessed friends and my business. and he is pure sex. and he knows it. he fucks the crowd every show...without fail. and he is a fucking charmer. but one-on-one, i'm just starting to attempt to figure him out. we have many many overlapping people close to us so i'll get the chance eventually. not to fuck, to know. and all of my brilliant and beautiful people were there. so luscious and radiant. each person was so excited to see each other. it's not like this big hippie love thing. it's like we all keep getting to see different sides of each other and we love each other...specifically. and if things weren't great enough both on stage and off...my old and so dear friend eric showed up. he had just come from a show with p funk. yes, i said p funk. he has performed on many george clinton albums, not to mention his own(the eric mcfaddin experience, liar, alien lovestock, the faraway bros., izm, and the holy smokes to name a few) and he is one of the most talented guitar players...ever. yeah, i'd say ever. you'll just have to trust me on that. i hadn't seen him in so long. we have the same circle of friends and my ex used to live with him. so i got to live with him. whiskey and therapy and late nights make for good bonding. we kissed for a sec and he jumped on stage with mark. awesome. truly. all hail san francisco! a town where mark sings "fuck boy" to snatchy the clown with a strap-on. just use your imagination.

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