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2004-02-14 - 8:23 a.m.

it feels like a good morning for a love list.

daybreak in new england. new york city [there is no substitute]. how when my godson is left to his own devices, he builds a karaoke machine through his fisherprice amp and boombox and sings grandaddy verbatum in a room beyond our view [he's been a human for only 3.5 years]. my sister's wisdom and compassion. and mate selection. driving on the hutch north after dark with the lights of jersey over the water to the left and manhattan to the right. after having window-shopped for a specific watch the last two days, letting my father into my car on central park south to exchange gifts and opening a box that contains...the watch i wanted most. love letters from my tokyo valentine with lyrics that are so dope, my heart skips a hip-hop beat. and most definitely...the west wing. the drama. the TV drama. the fictional TV drama.

happy hallmark. i love you every day.

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