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2004-04-07 - 12:32 a.m.

big fish was boring. really boring. 21 grams was not. starting last thursday, i have only left my house four times to pick up food. this kind of cold is debilitating and yet, i am unbelievably productive on my computer. i have been networking towards the next move like mad. even though it is a year off. i have new and old contacts in roma, milano, london, and new york. i am trying to scope out jobs that make sense to pursue. i would love be in the core of a brilliant magazine. i could write, film, design, meet people. it seems like an honest enough medium that incorporates many venues. it is too hard for me to do only one thing. writing for the magazine here gave me a real taste of what not to do and what it takes to achieve greatness. as both a writer and a designer. i don't know. i'm working it out. i'm trying to heal. i'm doling out sound advice a mile a minute. to other people. i'm trying to be in the right place so i will reckognize my destiny when it greets me. i am trying to live a life worth handing down. i am trying.

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