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2005-02-05 - 7:43 p.m.

i love zach braff.

d's brother who has been dating the beautiful little girl in the ecstacy scene just found out she's bulimic. how about we make that assumption about all of the frail girls in hollywood. and when we find out they have high metabolisms, then it'll be news.

watching the making of garden state, i noticed an old friend. one of my first city friends from jersey. the last time i saw him i was straddling him on a chair in a ketamine haze. even though i really loved this guy as a friend, it was one of the nights that led up to my NY disappearing act. so i went back to the movie credits and of course it was him.

the song that played in front of the fireplace called "fair" was the song that cinjun played for alyssa at their wedding. and the song he played for me at the foot of his bed as i crawled under his covers.

i love zach braff.

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