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2003-04-11 - 9:48 a.m.

i knew it would be a good day today.

my first time in the recording studio. lottery segment voice overs. sitting in a private room. my script. my mike. my headphones. i swear, if there was ever i time when i wanted more to bust out and sing, that was it. and i did sing. they left the room and i floated into my head and thought, i could totally do this. be a rockstar, is what i meant. and i ripped through 30 voice overs and it was great.

i met up with julie on sanlitun and all of a sudden it became a friday night. a friday night dinner with eight new friends drinking over boiling pots of tofu and philosophy. a friday night with people from all over the world. a friday night with dj's and beautiful spaces and plans to go dance on the great wall. a friday night that finally changed everything.

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