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2004-11-04 - 8:44 p.m.

i need to fuck something. like soon. i keep having these ridiculous interactions at work. the guy i have been building momentum with uses like five packets of sweet-n-low in each coffee. each. so i told him i would never have kids with someone who used that much saccharin. so he asked me if i would practice. i told him to take a look at the picture of me as a naughty nurse. he flushed, why don't you show it to joe? i answered, because i'm not planting seeds with joe. UUUHH. sometimes now we just see eachother and smile uncontrollably. but it's weird. he has a girlfriend. and we kind of do it outloud...ish. but i think it picked up speed on its own. and we like it. but it is making it a tiny bit harder to focus because i'm too turned on. which is like a secret. and i like that too.

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