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2004-01-13 - 11:54 p.m.

and the other one who waits for me in tokyo, where i will soon have a real layover and over and over, writes me letters like this...

i'll be your heartbeat while you make my soul cum...stunnin me wit your sun in me, honey, by the time you done wit me we BOFE be walkin funny...morna fewtimes at work i wanted you, in various ways, like:  (tonight i would go home to solar and FUCK, rabid, fuck-a-fucking-necktie sex, sex like take-this-energy-from-me and sex like relieve-me-believe-me. hard, shuddering, there-are-no-words-that-follow sex, cathartic soulfuck)  ::  (tonight i would go home and put on the Sun, i'd blanket myself with Solar and bask.  she'd trace my brow.  i'd ask her how her day was.  there would maybe be talking but no need really)  ::  (tonight i would go home and This One would tackle my ass on the way home, briefcase all the fuck over the street, me splayed like sexy-smelling roadkill, Solar still parked on top, the irresponsible, but very fine driver with the sculpted lips.) you were candied in my dreams.


i must have been a sailor in a past life...
nine maids-a-milking,
one boy in texas,
one girl in LA,
one boy in tokyo,
and a monolingual boy in beijing.

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