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2005-11-27 - 4:22 p.m.

walking today, my body wrapped warm, my face patched with cool breeze and blasts of sun. a glorious light peaking through buildings, playfully hiding behind alleys to surprise me. alleys with chicken bones and crackheads. alleys with cardboard houses and urine floors. oh lovely light, such darkess you cover to reach me. i am in motion. i am the movie. i am the dialogue of every passing stranger. i am so hollow i could almost break in two.

"stars light the sky in a galaxy of emptiness tonight.
though i'm happiest when there's no reason for me to be,
with no-one's expectation to weigh heavy on my heart,
and so much hope it sometimes tears me all apart.

won't you please...knock me off my feet for awhile?"

-beth orton

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