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2003-02-28 - 11:25 a.m.

instead of being a shit-talker, i decided to start simple blueprints for the nightclub i am dreaming up in shanghai. really simple. floor plan, some 3D, etc. that way, when my rich investor wushu warrior falls totally in love with me, i am set to go. full throttle. all pistons. and the list of club names...each one is so delicious, i have a small orgasm when i read them. but i have decided on one name and just about everything else. and it is going to be so fucking sexy, you won't even need alcohol there. you will be high on the blue-lit pheremones. i promise. so start saving money. i predict opening night will be in about 18 months. it is almost like i'm impregnating an elephant.

you know i love you like an orbiting space station. and that, if you know me, is a fuck load.

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