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2004-11-12 - 1:42 a.m.

jay. it's a long story. but jay was a HUGE chapter in this story. he took me to an electronic music festival in this big crazy club with this guy don from his work. men's fashion. well, don was super cool. and don got jay and i high(jay NEVER smoked pot in our past). and boy, did i hear the fucking coolest band i've heard in a decade, we think it mught be whitey but we don't know for sure. it was a weird NY scene. but the last time i was in the scene, i mean like in 96...jay was the one at my side. so it was surreal but totally wonderful. don was sweet and easy. i was me. and jay was jay. i heart music. i heart pot. i heart NY. and yup, i really heart jay.

he's so funny.

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