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2004-03-22 - 3:23 p.m.

date: 2004-03-21 00:16:04.0
subject: raquet ball and things that go yes in the night

message: d.v. you are my new zero.
but fear not, even no thing is a thing.

over an intercontinental soy chai rondez-vous, we could discuss the extreme penis envy and intense empathic levels that have forced me to master in the art(s) of sucking dick. i become what i most desire. i worship as i expect to be worshipped. i am sorry to hear that this sentiment is not as common.

> i believe in the war of the self and in it being fought on the page....
my life so far has profoundly reflected this.

i believe that the revolution is NOW.

i believe that our weakness results from the illusion of separation.

i believe truly great sex is not a skill, but a chemical reaction.

i believe that the reagan-bush era created a vacuum in the moral integrity of this potentially amazing piece of the globe.
the 80's was a cruel decade.
but it gave us MTV. and bauhaus. and 4AD.

i believe that the evolution of technology IS the mapping of spirituality.
which is completely related to seeking you out here in space.

so take your big bus and please do go further.

more more more.

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