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2004-05-15 - 12:26 p.m.

wakka wakka. fozzy bear was like don rickles. in between ecstatic hope and chemical hype, coming together and falling apart, i have a lot of time to think heavy thoughts. wakka wakka.

my father had one expression he used all of the time. usually when he felt screwed over, victimized, wronged. which means, often. but it was a mantra that stuck. he would say, never a dull moment. and i have lived by this retrospective law. so i decided he and i would have a project together this summer. he loved the idea. a self-made photo documentary. with words, of course. and anything else we deem fit. and since cancer is giving him a second life, we will either call it "the end of the beginning" or "never a dull moment." i think it will be on coffee tables by next fall.

listening to : this is a low - blur
reading : tropic of capricorn - henry miller

dear william gibson, while i have total respect for your concepts, observation, imagination, and imagery, at this moment in time, i am requesting that you eat henry miller's literary dust.

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