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2003-03-01 - 3:27 p.m.

wait by the back of my head, i need to read you something you said. it was late in january and you were trying to warm your hands and cheeks by a fire that i built and you burned. i watched the amber translate your blue thaw to something crimson. i remember a way you once looked into me like you were talking to the base of my spine. like you were tickling my belly from inside. you stared open and safe and waited for me to inject you with antibiotic wisdom. i was all comfort like milk and wine and suspension of time. like the smell of your least favorite magic carpet could ride you to safety where hounds and sounds of yesterday could explain your today.

but even if i fell into you with ripples of desire they would only be the hollow rings that crippled sires and kings in frozen breaths of love, i've leveled enough to inspire these things. i had stared back into you, my lips beside your sleeping face and i became the thoughts that raced through and in to your vision. i crawled behind your lids and there i built the dream. i carried you through til morning dew became the new drink of victorious soldiers. you so easily provoke to laughter but colder i begged to become you but after i won and you held me above your disaster.

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