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2002-12-23 - 10:22 p.m.

i just spent 14.5 solid hours making the flyers for the oxygen bar. i am going to eat bugs i am so delirious. and not in a sexy princey kind of way. although, given the right ingredients. i am done. with my old home. with my old self. with my finals. with my work weekend from hell. with my flyer. i am done. i am going to get off this machine, smoke something illegal and play therapy, the game, the board game, and try and drop my shoulders. the last two weeks have caused them to permanenty hunch up to my ears. a tension that could hold a hard hat to a steel beam 100 stories above the streets below. i am a nut job and it's time to go camping with my freak circus spiritual posse in effect and eat fungus and roll around in the submission to chaos. and finally release a sigh from my belly.

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