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2004-03-20 - 3:05 a.m.

3 am in the wee hours of a beijing saturday. man, what a fucking party. and we all knew it would be. what i love(and hate) about beijing parties is the fact that you could be in the most remote corner of the darkest alley of the city and you will know people. but in random selection. and tonight was above and beyond. but since i've been away, it was tons of old and a phenominal array of new. israeli, swedish, canadian, french, east indian, and mmm...chinese. israeli man. finally a man. and chinese boy(what else is new). israeli man may turn out to be a good friend and a travel partner but the attraction has already been acknowledged. and we all danced. i smiled for 5 solid hours and i spent the beginning of the party with a wonderful man. a famous chinese writer who wrote the story called "hero." did you get to see hero in america. it is quite beautiful. and i'm sober. and i love israelis. and i love love. and it's a wonder i come home alone all the time. ramble on.

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