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2006-01-03 - 11:02 p.m.

walking in the dark from campire to bonfire, bonfire to hot spring. walking under moonless night, kj is yelling 'high knees, high knees' so that we can off-road with our bodies through the darkness. we are a posse of eight, the breast-testicle ratio being more balanced finally. i live with boys, i play with boys, i spend most of my time with friends who are boys. i was thoroughly enjoying the two females present. i was identified. i was nurtured. we were a clever crew of smart sexy silly, giving the finger to 2005 and welcoming in 2006 with levity, courage and grace.

death valley is a source for me. seemingly endless skies contained within mountainous rings. lava-lined cloud formations that birth and encore the day. stars and oh the stars. stars and oh the stars. the stars shot out their tentacles and pulled me into the deep, deep universe. we could see the milky way, so elegantly lithe from the side. we'd astral project to see it face on. and all of us just spinning, just spinning.

in between storm warnings and brief showers that yeilded low-arched rainbows and gratitude, the galaxy opened up and shown it's face upon us. to remind us. to beckon us further. to guide us home.

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