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2002-11-10 - 3:15 p.m.

the 5 and 3/4 annual cyberbuss costume ball is officially over. getting dressed for it lasted longer the the actual event. it was in a super all-star location in vallejo on an island. the drive out was amazing. passing factories with glowing orange perforations lining cities of metal and steampipe. a suspension bridge with no bottom so that every glance felt like free-falling. and i have free-fallen several times so i know. i use a lot of phrases with dashes and i also use three dots for dramatic effect so get over it. so we got to the party adorned in our dirty little bitch gear. i was told more that three times i was too classy to be one. i'm not a whore but i play one on the street. and the place was magical. christmas lights, a glowing dome, a barge with a dance space and couches, vw vans set up like living rooms, and a big fucking blue crane we called the erection. wrybread is a mad scientist. he is a true renaissance man. i worship him. he is inspector gadget and macgyver. he made a life-size simon using mini trampolines with lights underneath and the actual sounds of simon. fucking brilliant. i wasn't drinking the cabana boy rum we brought. i wasn't altering any states and i wasn't kissing anybody. i was loving flash and my girls and the cyberbuss community. but the cops came more than a few times and the party was thin and without any of the entertainment or dj's that had been planned. we were far away from anyone, why would they not let us dance? and then i expired and slept over at b's. we woke up early and went thrift store shopping, driving through a downpour in search of lamps and sugarcube cassettes for mmm's tape-only car he is lending me while he is in amsterdam...visiting my ex-husband. not really but they will see each other.

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