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2004-04-10 - 11:01 p.m.

i got bored just aiming rockets in the face i linger behind where my aim comes to meet me. i run for cover and fall deep beneath you. i meant to come inside but your gate was locked.

making music now. lyrics look so much worse then poetry when viewed here. but i've sampled pieces of the above and cut them up. it sounds more like i i i i . i meant to. i meant to. i got bored. i meant to. but ithe process is a drug. and i am kind of buzzing because two people in london just said, "anything you need solar, just say when." how bout that becomes your mantra for me, world? i need to wrangle all this information in my unconscious state. i need to process all of this in the lesser tapped 90% reserve. i slept but 2 broken hours last night. and i'm flat-lining now. i. just. spent. the. entire. day. with. ted. getting. paid. to. read. like. this. so. if. you. ever. study. advanced. english. and. notice. how. much. *propaganda. is. being. produced. listen. for. my. voice.

*one paragraph was about the beauty of uniforms and their importance for commanding respect. another paragraph was about how college is not the best ambition for everyone(yeah, that will solve your high rate of unemployment problems just out of college, china). go communism. go communism.

unrelated thing to make you smile. i did.

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