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2003-12-14 - 1:30 p.m.

the beijing years the beijing years the beijing fucking years. is this really happening? is this happening everywhere? are we all allowed to be like this? to feel this way? this weekend. the markets. the film festivals. the parties. julie's party tonight. oh god, the italians. ludo and franca. and the ageing fabulous 80's LA rockstar relentless and coveting me. and self-depricating and torturing himself. turned out to be the musical hero of ludo. and ludo. and franca. black hair blue-eyed franca. maybe once you leave america's island, the world is always like this. tuned in. turned on. making changes all of the time. and capturing saddam is at least secondary to retrieving that champagne bottle i left in the freezer. this is it, man. awesome speakers for $12. new mobile phone that lights up indigo. artists conquering the business world. 70-yr-old hacky-sacking. palaces and castles. swimming in the flow. you will come down soon too. you will come down too soon. you will come down soon. soon enough you will come down come down. modest mouse rules this house.

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