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2003-11-12 - 11:35 a.m.

went to h's last night. my other new favorite person. she is so fucking great. shanghainese-american. we saw a door fixture upside-down(very china) that said "push" so we both said...like in the bud commercials..."hsuuup." text messaging is where it's at here and when i left her that night and got into the taxi, my phone said "hsup to my homeee." adore.

so last night i met some friends to screen t's movie and tell him what we thought needed to change. he's having a lot of close people do that now to remove some excess footage. he is so immersed that he has lost objectivity. beautiful film. i can't wait for you all to see it. he wants to do a university tour with lecture. if ANY OF YOU have connections, please tell me soon. so we watched the film and he asked me to sleep over. i brought my computer and burned some cd's for him. it was late but not too late to crawl in to bed naked. and last night was so charged. the electricity is building. in two days it has become positively ionic. that was an electron joke. but really. our bodies are learning. he is so sexy. his confidence and his mannerisms. his wisdom and sarcasm. his sex appeal goes far beyond the physical. his body is soft, comfortable, thin, hairy, human, delicious. his smell and taste are mine. he had a full beard until the day i met him. i have seen it only in pictures. gorgeous vermont-like boy from ohio. and we still don't know where it's going. but it's going.

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