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2003-10-08 - 10:25 p.m.

for two years, another reason for moving to china has been to become bilingual in mandarin. why? to have a better shot at working for NASA as china slowly moves closer in the space race (china and steve jobs). i'm serious. with an international team requiring not just skill but also communication, as a translator and a designer, i could create environments for the space station, both spacial and ambient. next wednesday, as my plane takes off en route to beijing, china will launch their first manned satellite into orbit. that's pretty cool.

p.s. i know i sound like a little kid who wants to be a pirateastronautballerinafireman. and i know you don't just show up at nasa looking cute and speaking chinese. although i do look cute speaking chineses. i'm just giving you the dream that is motivating the reality. i get the road that is required. i need to take my first steps, right?

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