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2005-03-27 - 10:34 p.m.

i'm waiting for something to click, something to break, something that might give. i'm waiting in dillusions of greener pastures. i'm scratching the surface of a dirty puzzle. i'm gathering twigs to collect into a nest beneath my gravity, yet the branch is hollow and temporary. i am lost in a snowy forest that suffocates promises of homeward bound trails beneath its surface.

i want to take you(you take me) out under the black night now washed almost blue. take you where god will be blasting a song we made together in a frenzy of collecting ourselves. in the lines of you and me, there will be no me but us and i will pass through the cage into my second skin(as i shed the first one willingly). will you do this for me so i can dance for you, through the night into the day into the spring, until the snow has all melted and i can find my way home.

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