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2006-09-14 - 11:00 p.m.

i wish you wouldn't come home just yet.
i need an hour or so
just to get it together.
i've gone someplace without thinking
from thinking
and i don't know if i can find my way home.

find me lying on my back again.
i'm on the ceiling
and i bleed, i reign.
if i breathe in
i may loosen all my chances for redemption
and i think i won't know who i am.

if you walked into this room right now
and saw the hollow,
you might dive in to look for me.
not so good
you swimming in empty me.
how would i fit in?
and how could i come home to empty me?

and when you close your head
and try me on,
the ground is moving above you
and you taste like sun.
it may just be that i was meant for tragedy
so if that's beautiful to you,
then you can call me home.

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