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2002-11-19 - 1:55 p.m.

design me a weapon to place in my mouth upon trigger will send shards like messengers into cerebral folds hiding from desire. each message will contain a code. B71X: render me fearless intil i am in actual danger. F38Y: erase the componenets of memory that created self-loathing. everything existing in reference to something. iskydivebecauseiamafraid. you shot me underwater under where i quiet light show cilia pseudepod reflections like vegas sonar chatter i was safe at the bottom. unevolved you skimming the surface oxygen light exit. you pulling me up to you release my independence separation definition and sink your teeth in to my shoulder. turning me around only saltywater between us. feel where your leg meets your brushing against my pushing me forward. i am facing the sea. i despise you already you who will never make it better make it go away. don't rape me unless i ask you to.exactly what you wanted me to be i was yesterday i will be tomorrow. high i will surrender to senses and will wrap my everything around the experience of your goddamned flesh. i want to be weaker than your predictable thrust and pull and glow and become. i wrote your script. i ride myself and i don't believe in you. take away my choices, i don't ask that much. ni jiao wo ai. you call me love.

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