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2002-11-09 - 3:19 a.m.

it's been kind of stormy. there is electricity in between air molecules and it is helping my psychic abilities. i knew you'd be reading this right now. nice pants. i go to the corner to wait for the i'll come whenever i feel like it 33 bus. another man walks up while i'm waiting. as he shuffles past me, he mutters "it is so obvious, stop bush. it's everywhere." i realize he is crazy due to the incessant grumbling, shifty eyes, and visible white sweat socks. and so i look around to see what he's talking about because you should always pay attention to crazy people. they are sometimes connected to the real thing and often only one degree away from you. oh yeah and you. maybe less even with you. so i look around at the intersection with four bus stops that say "stop bus" so you can read as you are driving up to them. stop bus. stop bus. stop bush. he sees it everywhere. then i get this great idea to spraypaint h's all over the city. people would love that here. art guerilla warfare. it is top-o-the charts. then he continues pacing and preaching something political. in a strain to catch something, i here, "it's the chinese and the jews who build walls." ok. i know what that means but what was the context? what did he really mean? warriors? separatists? and then the bus came and i got no more juice. see what i mean? always listen to crazy people.

can i make a request to the universe? nothing major. can you fucking people who come in to my fucking place, who get treated with respect and comfort and given extra things, could you please fucking tip your server?

< yeah >