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2003-01-21 - 9:12 p.m.

wow. k-fly and shia are the suppliers of my favourite drug. they so completely rock. they bought me an iPod and i have spent the last two days wasting valueable packing/prep time ripping a gazillion cd's to put on this 2x2x4 inch 5g miracle. now i have 660 tracks to share with china.


i can't help it. i love the dj. the one i just wrote about. he is nothing like anyone i've ever been close to. it is making me respond in such and interesting way. i am so calm around him. i purr. i become this calm sexy cool thing. we had a cozy delicious night of bob marley documentary and soft wrestling. he wasn't feeling so great but wanted me clost to him regardless. he is unbelievably gentle and relaxed with me. we decided we like easy. i wonder how he would interact with me if i weren't leaving. in 2 days. fucking hell. whatever. it's fucking cool. it is the way i like to be in the love space- inspired, elevated, soothed, intoxicated, revered, respected, penetrated on multiplatforms. are you picking up what i'm laying down? good. i'm happy.

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