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2003-01-10 - 8:37 a.m.

it is early morning. i sit under a SOMA warehouse skyroof's light drinking tea from a pint glass bringing these word quilts to you. oh lordy praise jesus, i danced last night. how do i allow my nights to pass, one after the other, without incorporating dance. we left a perfectly fantastic evening with the owners at sublounge. i adore them. i fucking adore them. they are a crew from burning man who opened a bar together. and the music is perfect. and you can sit on airplane seats. and play grand theft auto...which not all the ladies love but the ones who do you can fuck for a lifetime. but we had to leave these charming gents and make our way over to minna to see cosmic's buddy, j-boogie. i met him wednesday at macworld. the sexual energy i talked about yesterday certainly didn't stop at j. holy shit. this man could pick me up over his shoulder and drag me to his cave. absolutely delicious. and apparently, he called chelsea later and said exactly the same about me. minus the cave part. so, we had to go see him scratch and spin. and we did. and we danced. hard. and the rhythms kept changing just perfectly enough to move different parts of your body. and the music was sexy. and we sweat. and cosmic did handstands in the breakdancing ring. and she reigned supreme as my hero. and we got ready to leave and i hugged j goodbye and i felt armies of electrons.

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