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2003-09-25 - 12:29 a.m.

friendster. i have no guilt or bad feelings whatsoever. it is a fabulous resource for me. i had a date last night with someone i had great online energy with. sharp, perverse. totally offensive in the right kind of way. but when i met him he was so much younger and scrawnier looking than i though he would be. but he was a good guy. he asked me "how'r we doin', you know, our chemistry and all?" so i dragged him to the infamous odeon bathroom where several girls were clustered behind a locked door. i knew them. knock knock knock. "it's solar. hurry up. i have a date i'm trying out." they opened the door giggling and praising. and this poor guy and i slammed the door behind us and smashed mouths, groins, hips, tongues. it was kind of rough and definitely raunchy. the boy who had once been a disappointment, was now a medium for me to use. it's true. i've been pretty bummed out lately. for lots of reasons. one reason was i've not felt so sexy. but here. with this want, i felt phenomenal. i felt hotter than fuck. and it was like medicine. i wish i didn't say this so often, but he could have been anybody. so he drove me home and we fooled around in the driveway. i got myself so worked up, i had to take him in and fuck him. but only for a minute. and then i sent him away. i didn't want a full sex hangover. but i knew there would be some residue. oh well. taking it for the team...as we dirty little bitches say...

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