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2004-12-16 - 1103254782


tonight i went to dionne's house for *the* date. this was the date that we spoke of when she first told me she was moving to new york. we said that we would be sitting in some cafe somewhere...and we would look at each other with our histories, our laps around the globe, the pages in our novels, the trials and the triumphs that pulled us apart and brought us back together. that we would look into each other and say we made it. tonight was the date. after work, i ran over to her house and we drank a perfect glass of two-buck-chuck (if you don't know this wine) and smoked a bowl and said, "we made it." then we wrapped august, her son my buddha, and donned our winter gear and headed out into the east village night...where we stumbled upon a clown-painted marching band with a drunken clown flag leader. when we had our fill, we walked on and sat in the window at my vegan mecca, a restaurant called counter where we indulged on the wine and people and the moment. this perfect moment of coming back to each other in a city like new york.

clown marching band!

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