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2002-11-02 - 2:38 p.m.

clearly, george lucas has crossed the bay bridge.

mmm and i went to berkeley today to eat skyscraper sandwiches and go book shopping. we decided, if we were boa constrictors, it would have been the perfect meal. i saw a book called "ella minnow pea", too cute. was "a chai, jake a" the prequel? and what is up with prequels. it is not just for the sell. it is beyond that. it is the slow infection of an abstract concept. it is a spoonfull of sugar. it is terrence mckenna and david lynch. it is carl sagan and einstein. frankly my dahlings, it is about time.

k-fly and i need retail therapy as a means of distracting our darker selves. it's like babysitting for the terrible two stage of the inner-child, when inner-child years are to people's as people's are to dogs'. grrr.

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