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2003-03-11 - 11:14 a.m.

i am a child of new england. click on "me" to the left and see what i mean because guess what? it's snowing. glorious crisp sky spewing cotton on my face. i am cold and lonely and hungry. but the world here is glorius. pine trees that catch the white sometimes hang over the paths between buildings. the sky is not blue but it is a grey with purpose. i see asses and thighs and curves of human women. let me tell you something though. i live in the teacher's dorm for 500RMB each month. that is ~60 bucks. but the washroom is public. it is an old stone building built in the 50's. that may have been the year they fired the maid. it is horrendous. i no longer can drink tea with dinner for fear i will have to pee in the night. there is no shower. i must walk across campus to the office bathrooms to take a shower. and i didn't just mention the snow? it's ok. i can totally do this. there are so many things that have been so difficult, this will establish yet another sense of relativity. soon, i will feel like a queen in the most minimal of comforts. i am stripped down and bare. i am purified and minimal. i am tired and learning but i rely on my strength every minute. i know only four people here. it is new york, you know. i have strangely come home, but this world doesn't know that yet.

i think i love you like a hot bath. and people, click on "c'mon" please. c'mon.

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